Johns Hopkins Medicine

Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

Michelle Carlson, Ph.D.

Associated Investigator


  • Chan T, Parisi J, Moored K, Carlson MC. Variety of enriching early-life activities linked to late-life cognitive functioning in urban community-dwelling African Americans. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci 2018 [epub ahead of print]
  • Varma VR, Chuang YF, Harris GC, Tan EJ, Carlson MC. Low-intensity daily walking activity is associated with hippocampal volume in older adults. Hippocampus 2015; 25: 605-615.
  • Parisi JM, Kuo J, Rebok GW, Xue QL, Fried LP, Gruenewald TL, Huang J, Seeman TE, Roth DL, Tanner EK, Carlson MC. Increases in lifestyle activities as a result of Experience Corps® participation. J Urban Health 2014; 92:55-56.
  • Varma VR, Tan EJ, Wang T, Xue QL, Fried LP, Seplaki CL, King AC, Seeman TE, Rebok GW, Carlson MC. Low-intensity walking activity Is associated with better health. J Appl Gerontol. 2014; 33: 870-887.


Primary Appointment in Mental Health