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Concerned about memory loss?

Memory loss is a symptoms of a problem, just like chest pain or shortness of breath. It can be caused by many different things so it needs to be evaluated.

The Ten Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease describe the types of problems that should cause concern.

Clinic Locations
Three clinics associated with the Center provide clinical evaluation for any persons seeking medical assistance for progressive changes in mental ability.
  1. Hopkins Bayview PhotoMemory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center [ Website ]
    Johns Hopkins Bayview, Baltimore, MD

    For information call: 410-550-6337

  2. Cooper Ridge Clinic PhotoCopper Ridge Clinic [ Website ]
    Copper Ridge Institute, Sykesville, MD

    For information call: 410-552-3211

  3. Hopkins PhotoYoung Onset Dementia Clinic
    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

    For information call: 410-502-2981