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Community Board

Crystal, Roger, and ErnestineThe Johns Hopkins Alzheimer's Disease Research Center recognizes the need to maintain an effective and mutually satisfying partnership with the community its serves. To that end, a Memory and Aging Community Advisory Board has been formed. It is made up of local community leaders with an interest in dementia, including representatives of the minority community (i.e., pastoral leaders, heads of community organizations, health officials from State/City/County Departments, political leaders, representatives of the Alzheimer's Association, and families of patients who have been touched by Alzheimer's Disease).

The Executive Officers of the community board include: Roger Clark (Chair), Cass Naugle (Vice-Chair), Crystal Evans (Secretary) and Ernestine Jones Jollivet (Development Chair). Members of the board from the Greater Maryland Community include: Thomasine Baskerville, Bette Brooks, Kim Burton, Crystal Day-Black, Pamela Fowlkes, Maria Gray Bowie, Venus Johnson, Elouise Mayne, Deborah Peaks-Coleman, and Eula Spratley. ADRC faculty associated with the board include: Marilyn Albert, Betty Black, Crystal Evans, Constantine Lyketsos, Quincy Miles Samus, Ann Morrison, and Andrea Nelson. The Mission Statement of the board is listed below.

Mission Statement

  • Education - Increase access of AD education and care interventions in the Greater Baltimore community
  • Recruitment - Enhance the integrity of Alzheimer's research through recruitment of diverse ethnic and racial groups
  • Communication about research - Provide a forum for community concerns about research
  • Revisions in procedures - Improve research so that it is consistent with community goals and needs

For more information about the community board, contact Ms. Crystal Evans at: 410-550-2281.